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Our 90% success rate in mitigating DMV “points” for our clients is reflective of our overall ability to save clients time, energy, and most importantly money as well. When results matter, look no further than Citations Dismissed to handle your California traffic matter(s).

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Kevin - Testimonial

"I’ve known Mr. Chaskin for many years now..."

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Camille - Testimonial

"One sunny day in Beverly Hills, I got a ticket for talking on my cell..."

Reviews on Yelp

“Richard Chaskin is the best! I called a few lawyers, they did nothing but give me anxiety. I spoke to Richard and felt confident…”
- Emily V. — 03/2015

“I am a lawyer (commercial litigation), so I know a good lawyer when I speak to one...”
- Nicole D. — 12/2014

“Richard and how he works with his clients is such a fresh new experience with what has until now, been a untrusted past.”
- Lis P. — 11/2014

"I called Richard and he was very optimistic and bright. He asked me to send all my info in and appeared for me in court… the case was dropped… LOOK NO FURTHER!"
- L.W. — 09/2014

"I drive a Commercial Vehicle for a living and any kind of ticket can be harmful to my career. I live in Alabama, but I got the Ticket in California… dismissed completely!"
- Chad C. — 07/2014

"Mr. Chaskin was able get my serious ticket dropped down to a simple infraction, saving me a large fine and jail time..."
- Bryant S. — 06/2014

"I tend to work "out in the field" rather than in an office and a clean driving record is almost always a prerequisite to employment..."
- L.L. — 03/2014

"I can honestly say that Mr. Chaskin deserves 15 stars! Mr. Chaskin has represented me on 3 traffic court cases..."
- M.C. — 09/2011

"Richard is the best lawyer in town. Not only is he experience but he's knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly he fights for you..."
- Anthony G. — 09/2012

"Richard is a rarity these days. An honest, professional lawyer who listens and answers questions directly..."
- Julian V. 03/2012

  • - 33 Years of Experience
  • - Helped Thousands
  • - Personal Injury
  • - Moving Violations
  • - Citations Dismissed!

Experience is Key

The founder of Citations Dismissed opened the Law Office of Richard M. Chaskin over 33 years ago. Between 1981 and today, Richard M. Chaskin has helped thousands of clients with their traffic matters throughout the State of California. Mr. Chaskin has perfected the art of getting traffic Citations Dismissed!

  • - 33 Years of Experience
  • - Helped Thousands
  • - Personal Injury
  • - Moving Violations
  • - Citations Dismissed!

Our Values

In a recurring theme over the years, clients have praised Mr. Chaskin for his honesty, responsiveness, follow-up, and most of all, his results. It is these values that are inherent in Citations Dismissed. A marked increase in demand for our quality legal representation pertinent to traffic matters spurred us to narrow our practice, hence our new California statewide service: Citations Dismissed!

  • - Honesty
  • - Responsiveness
  • - Results